As you may have noticed, we recently released two archive recordings. One was by The Living Room, and the other by Damp Jungle. (You can buy both releases here.)

This Saturday at 7:00pm, Pete Astor – who fronted both bands – is performing a free in-store at Flashback Records in Shoreditch to celebrate the releases. Pete and band – which includes Pam Berry of Black Tambourine, Jack Hayter of Hefner and Susan Milanovic of Feathers – will be playing songs taken from both cassettes.

As if Pete’s awesome music wasn’t enough to encourage you down, the lovely folks at Flashback are GIVING AWAY FREE BEER at the performance. The feedback for the releases has so far been fantastic and we’re psyched at having been able to release the tapes, so we’re super excited about this event.

We’ll see you on Saturday, but until then, here are some recently rediscovered photos of both bands, taken from Pete’s archive. They include set lists, university cards, live shots and a poster for a show with Testcard Girls, who would later become Tallulah Gosh. So cool!


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